Top 3 Signs It's Time to Re-Roof Your Multi-Family Complex

The roof over your head is perhaps your single most important form of protection against Mother Nature. Naturally, you want to keep it in good condition and free from defects that may result in dangerous leaks. However, if you own or manage a multi-family residential property, you’re responsible for this form of protection for any number of families or tenants who are currently living in one of your units.

Like any other building, the roof over a multi-family residential building will eventually wear out and need replaced. However, this is a tall task to coordinate—everyone has their own schedules and availabilities, and getting everyone on board with a project’s timeline can be more than just a little bit difficult. As a result, many people put off this service as long as possible. However, there will come a time where a full roof replacement is necessary. If you’re not sure if you’re at this point just yet, our Phoenix multi-family roofers can offer you three helpful things to keep an eye out for that will tell you that it’s time to invest in a new roof.

Your Roofs Are Aging

How old is the roof over your building? 10 years? 20 years? 50 years? While many materials can last for decades, the older a roof gets, the closer it gets to the end of its lifespan. And likewise the older it gets, the more problems you’re going to have to deal with. Paying for repair after repair can get expensive, so you’ll want to replace your roof well before you start facing constant repairs and significant repair bills.

Likewise, older roofs will also show signs of their age. Are you seeing warping or bowing in your roof’s surface? Cracking in your surface materials? Sand or particles in your rain gutters? These are all signs that your roof is starting to age, and that its lifespan may be coming to a close soon.

Repairs Are Adding Up… Quickly

We briefly mentioned this in the previous point, but one of the sure-fire ways of knowing that your roofs are due for replacement is when you find that you’re suddenly spending a ton of money on roof repairs. If you find that you’ve pretty much got your roofing company on speed dial because it rained and residents are always reaching out with more reports of leaks that need fixed, then it’s probably time to re-roof your complex. Of course, every roof is also going to age differently—some roofs get more sun exposure than others, and some may need replaced faster than the one across the street.

In some cases, re-roofing over a longer period of time may prove to be the better investment in your property than simply waiting for all your roofs to need a total replacement.

Your Community Needs a Facelift

Did your complex look like the home of your dreams in the 1970s? Does it still look like it may have been the home of your dreams… in the 1970s? Then it may be time for a facelift. Old, run-down looking buildings often have a hard time attracting new residents, and you’d be surprised just how much your roof has to do with that. If you’re wondering where to begin with making your complex look modern, beautiful, and attractive again, then consider starting with the roof overhead. A good looking roof not only increases the beauty of your land, but also inspires confidence that your complex is a great place to live.

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