Solar Panels on a Roof

Preparing Your Roof for Solar Panels

What to Do Before You Switch to Solar

As functional as your roof already is, there are ways it can provide even more benefits to your home. One of those ways is providing a platform for solar panels. These devices can help your family benefit from clean, renewable, and energy-efficient solar panels, which can help you cut down on your energy costs and your carbon footprint. But before you install solar panels on your roof, there are some things you should do to make sure that your roof is ready to support them.

Get a Professional Roofer’s Opinion

While solar companies can help you make a lot of decisions regarding your new panels, they aren’t always trained to prepare your roof for the installation process. Contact a trusted local roofer to inspect your roof for any flaws, damages, or weak spots that may make it unable to support the weight of solar panels. Plus, it’s much more difficult – and more expensive - to repair your roof after your panels are installed. Make sure your roof is in perfect shape now to avoid a lot of stress later!

Consider a Replacement

Many roofers will strongly recommend that you get your roof replaced before installing solar panels. This will not only ensure that the panels are being installed on a roof that’s capable of bearing their weight, but it can also ensure that crucial vents, fittings, and antennae are out of the way of your new panels. Plus, replacing your roof will let you start fresh, with a roof that has no damages or flaws and will last as long as your solar panels will, lowering the risk of future damages or replacements.

Make Sure Trees Won’t Get in the Way

You may count on trees to shield your roof from heat damage, but when you have solar panels, you want those rays of solar energy to be hitting your roof! Make sure that the area of your roof that your solar panels will be occupying doesn’t have any trees or branches blocking it from sun exposure, or that trees on the perimeter of your property won’t be casting a shadow on your panels during peak energy-gathering hours.

Prepare Yourself for a New Maintenance Routine

With solar panels taking up a lot of space on your roof, it won’t be as easy to check your roof for damages. It also won’t be as easy to ensure proper drainage and ventilation. Make sure you’re getting your roof professionally inspected and maintained regularly to ensure it’s not getting damaged. Additionally, solar panels make a great hiding place for pests. Check your panels semi-regularly to ensure that pesky critters aren’t chewing through your roof or nesting under your panels.

Remember – Your Roofer is Here to Help

If you have any questions or concerns about installing solar panels on your roof, you can always ask our licensed roofers. We can help you determine the best program of preparation and maintenance for your roof and ensure that you get the most out of your new renewable energy system.

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