A roofer on a roof

The Difference a Licensed Roofer Makes

Why Your Roof is No Place for Inexperienced Amateurs

Not just anyone can become a licensed roofer – it takes a lot of training and experience to become a qualified roofing technician. But all that hard work pays off for you, the customer, in the end. With access to continuing educational materials, professional-grade tools and equipment, and construction materials directly purchased from the manufacturers, licensed roofers can provide you with better service, at competitive prices, without the risks associated with DIY roofing.

Professional Roofers Are:

  • Safer – Licensed roofers are trained to practice best safety practices and procedures throughout the roofing process, so neither our roofers nor your loved ones will be in danger. If one of our roofers does get injured, they’re fully insured, so you won’t have to pay any extra fees.
  • Faster – No matter what your roof needs, you can trust that we’ve done this before. An experienced, qualified roofer has the skill and experience to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.
  • Cleaner – A qualified professional roofer knows how to work on your roof without creating a big mess. Most professional roofing companies include a comprehensive clean-up with their services, so you won’t have to worry about your new roof coming with a big mess for you to clean up.
  • Less Destructive – Licensed roofers will know how to repair, replace, or install your roof without damaging your home in the process. You won’t have to pay for any extra repairs after we’re done!
  • More Effective – A licensed roofer will have extensive training and experience that allows them to make sure your roof will last you for many years to come. You won’t have to worry about problems reappearing or new problems developing anytime soon.

The Dangers of DIY

Whether you’re just missing a few shingles or dealing with a major leak, roofing work should always be performed by a professional. While DIY repairs may seem appealing, working on your roof can be extremely dangerous to inexperienced amateurs, and can leave you with a sub-par roof. So, before you go to google for your roofing solutions, consider everything a licensed roofer has to offer you.

Common Side Effects of Unprofessional Roofing Include:

  • Injuries
  • Property damage
  • Recurring roof issues
  • Voided warranties
  • An uneven or unappealing roof

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