House With a View of the Roof

Purchasing a New Home? Check the Roof!

Why Inspecting Your Roof in an Essential Step for New Homeowners

When you’re looking for a new home, you spend a lot of time making sure the houses that you look at are perfect for you and your family. But do you spend enough of that time looking at the roofs of your potential homes?

Your roof will be an essential part of your home – it will protect you from weather, pests, and everything else mother nature can throw at you, while working with your heating and cooling system to help you maintain your indoor temperature. Before you make your final decision in purchasing a house, it’s vital that you understand the state of your new home’s roof.

Know What Problems Have Already Occurred

If your new roof has dealt with leaks, cracks, mold, or other serious issues, you’ll want to know about it. Don’t wait until you’re the one dealing with these problems to know they’re there – ask the realtor or the homeowners if there’s been any problems that have the potential to come back.

Know Where the Weak Spots Are

Are pests known to make their home in the attic? Does water tend to pool in certain places after it rains? Is the flashing starting to peel away from the chimney? If you don’t know, find out. You should know If you’ll need to be extra careful when it rains or keep an eye out for pests chewing through your roof.

Know What Your New Roof is Made Of

The shingles and underlayment used to build your new roof have a big impact on its potential lifespan and the level of protection it provides. Ask the previous owner, or their realtor, as many questions about the construction of the roof as you can. If possible, try to get in touch with the company that installed, repaired, or replaced the roof last – they’ll likely keep detailed records that have all the information you need.

Make Sure You Know:

  • How old your roof is
  • What type of shingles it’s protected by
  • What type of underlayment it uses
  • What roofing company worked on the roof last

If you have more questions about your new roof, contact Lyons Roofing for a comprehensive inspection and consultation! Our expert roofers are just a few clicks or a phone call away!