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Our Favorite Holiday Light Displays

Our Favorite Time of Year

Every holiday season, we look forward to seeing how homeowners decorate their houses. In particular, we are always impressed by the dazzling rooftop light displays constructed each year. For many people, decorating their homes for the holiday season is a time-honored tradition. Some people spend months planning and preparing resplendent, over-the-top displays. We’ve collected a few of our favorites below.

Holiday Light Display

Safety Tips for Removing Your Holiday Light Displays

If you’ve seen the movie Christmas Vacation, you likely remember the scene where Clark staples his shirt to the roof and then falls off his ladder. While funny in the film, working on a ladder or your roof can be incredibly dangerous. As you prepare to take down your outdoor holiday light displays, take some time to review our safety tips.

Remove Lights Sooner Rather than Later

Even though we don’t see snow, prolonged exposure to the elements can damage your holiday lights. Additionally, squirrels and other animals may get curious and start chewing on lights, wires, and other accessories. This can result in electrical problems that can cause fires or electrical shocks. The sooner you take your lights down after the holiday season, the better.

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Review Your Ladder’s Safety Protocols

Before going up on a ladder, review its operating and safety protocols. Check for damage or wear when setting up the ladder. Make sure it is placed on firm ground and locked in place. Do not attempt to move the ladder while you are on it; always get down, move the ladder, and then climb back up. If you can, have another person nearby to spot you and hold the ladder steady if necessary. When up on the ladder, do not lean to either side. This can cause the ladder to become unsteady and lead to falls.

Be Very Careful When on Your Roof

If you have a rooftop light display, make sure you are very careful when walking on your roof. Wear shoes with a non-slip tread and pay attention to where you are stepping. Depending on the type of roofing you have, shingles may be very slippery or may become dislodged when stepping on them.

Holiday Light Display

Do Not Remove Lights During Bad Weather

In addition to making your roof and ladder more slippery, rainy weather and winds can create serious safety hazards. Wait until the weather is good to remove your light displays. It is also worth considering hiring professional lighting services to remove your lights for you. A professional will have all the appropriate equipment and has the experience to get the job done quickly, safely, and without damaging your roof.

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