Damaged Roof

Should Your Roofer Waive Your Insurance Deductible?

How Claims and Deductibles Work

When your roof is damaged or destroyed by forces beyond your control, the first thing you do is contact your insurer and start the process of filing a claim. Your insurer will then evaluate the damage, help you collect estimates for repair, and form a plan to pay you the money you need to repair or replace your roof. However, that money will not cover all of the costs – a previously-agreed upon amount, known as the deductible, will still be your responsibility.

Why Would Your Roofer Offer to Waive Your Deductible?

Previously, your insurer would pay for repairs in one lump sum with the deductible subtracted from the total costs. This allowed roofers to undercut each other on prices, offering less money to homeowners so that the money from their insurers covered the full cost of repairs, essentially “waiving” the deductible fee. However, this process left homeowners vulnerable to being preyed upon by unlicensed, unethical roofing contractors. Lured in by the promise of lower costs, homeowners often found themselves dealing with the aftermath of a sub-par roofing repair that compromised the safety and structural integrity of their homes.

These days, insurance companies have taken steps to protect themselves and those they insure from these predatory contractors. Payment of your roofing claim will come in stages, and insurers and roofers work together throughout the repair process to ensure that everything is done correctly, as agreed upon, for the agreed-upon price. This means that you’ll have to pay your deductible, but your roofer and your insurance company will make sure that you don’t have to pay even one cent more.

A Trustworthy Roofer Will Never Offer to Waive Your Deductible

The vast majority of trained and licensed roofers understand that the best way to protect your home and give you the best possible deal is to comply with your insurer. Our priority is the safety of your home, so we make sure that all necessary procedures are followed. By not waiving your deductible, we keep you on your insurer’s good side and ensure that your roof repairs or replacement is documented, paid for, and completed with attention to quality and safety.

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