Steps to Take After Your Roof Goes Through a Storm

Whether we’re talking about torrential rain or high-speed winds, there are a number of ways extreme weather can affect your roof. That’s why our experts at Lyons Roofing offer roof repairs for all major roofing types. But keep in mind, if your home has recently experienced a major storm, it is important to take action right away in order to protect your roof and larger property. Keep reading to learn the steps to take after your roof goes through a storm, and remember that for all your residential roofing needs, you can count on our team at Lyons Roofing.

The 5 Steps You Must Take If Your Roof Has Experienced Storm Damage

  1. Make Sure Everyone Is Safe: Having a secure roof does not mean anything if your family is not also safe and sound. Before you go about beginning the repair process or even assessing damage, make sure there are no immediate risks to your household. In some cases, you may need to evacuate your family from the property, until the safety of your roof is assured.
  2. Look for Roof Damage: Once you have determined that your roof is not a threat to your loved ones, you will want to check for storm damage. Look at your roof from the inside and out, visually inspecting for dented or missing shingles, major leaks or holes, or even debris that may have flown onto your roof and damaged it.
  3. Inspect the Rest of Your Home: After checking for any direct damage to your roof, you will want to see if other parts of your property have been affected by the storm, too. This could include your siding, roof vents, windows—basically, anything else that might have experienced damage as a result of the damage experienced by your roof.
  4. Cover Up Openings: In cases where a storm has actually left your roof exposed to the elements, you will want to cover up any openings and holes ASAP. You can put a tarp up on your own to stop any immediate issues, though for more severe damage, you will need to…
  5. Contact Your Roofing Contractor/Insurance Company: After you have completed all the tasks above on your own, it is time to get the professionals involved. Contacting your insurance company quickly after a disaster is paramount to receiving maximum compensation. From there, just call an experienced roofing company, like Lyons Roofing, so you can get started on the repair process right away. Remember, the sooner you begin roof repairs, the less the damage will be in the long run.

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