The Difference Between Skylights & Rooflights

Are you thinking about putting a light in your roof to add some natural sun to the bathroom or a renovated attic? You may have heard your roofer talk about either “skylights” or “rooflights.” There are several options out there for your needs, and without professional assistance, finding the perfect one for your home can be confusing. Luckily, Lyons Roofing is here to help you get the answers you’re looking for. Keep reading to find out the difference between skylights and rooflights, and remember that for all your residential and commercial roofing projects, you can always count on our experienced contractors at Lyons Roofing.

Skylights v. Rooflights: What to Know

Here’s why “should I install a skylight or a rooflight?” is technically a trick question: they are basically the same thing. There is no real technical difference between skylights and rooflights other than the name. While “skylight” is probably the more popular term, “rooflight” is just as acceptable, as it is merely a more accurate way to describe the type of renovation you are looking for.

Where things get confusing, however, is when you bring in the phrase “roof window.” A roof window is somewhat different in terms of construction and function than these other inventions, as they are designed to be installed at the same plane as the surrounding roof, just with a 15-degree pitch difference. Skylights, on the other hand, are not meant to have the same orientation as your roof, and tend to be installed out of plane, usually on a builders upstand or kerb (i.e. the structure put in place to prevent your skylight/rooflight from coming into contact with the surface of the roof.)

Ultimately, both rooflights and roof windows are a perfectly good addition to make to your house, it just depends on what you are looking for. Skylights are slightly more versatile, though you can still get a new sense of light added to your home by installing a roof window.

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