Drip Edge

What Is a Drip Edge & Why Does My Roof Need One?

It’s no secret that there are a lot of components to a strong and functional roof. From the material you choose, whether it’s shingles or tiles, to additions you make, like skylights or solar attic fans. But one element of a successful roof that too often gets overlooked is the drip edge. “What is a drip edge and why does my roof need one?” Keep reading to learn the answer here, from our experts at Lyons Roofing.

The Importance of a Drip Edge for Your Roof

Your roof’s drip edge is metal flashing that is installed at the edge in order to prevent water from spilling over into your fascia, thereby damaging other parts of your roof. When a roof doesn’t have a properly installed drip edge, water can build up and end up rotting your fascia board and roof decking. You may not see this happening, as several of these components are hidden, but if years go by and your drip edge is not working, you may end up with serious leaks and water damage, or even mold in your home.

Under most municipal codes, drip edges are a requirement for modern homes. Moreover, they are required to be installed correctly, so it is essential to hire a contractor who knows what they are doing when you are replacing your roof or building a new home. A proper underlayment must also be installed over the drip edge and along your roof’s eaves, to ensure water does not seep into your roofing system.

There are rare circumstances where a drip edge is not required. For instance, if you have pre-bent aluminum fascia that is flush with your roof’s decking, that would technically count as a drip edge without you having to install any extra parts. There’s also something known as “rake molding,” which serves as a drip edge for homes that were built before aluminum fascia became the norm in modern roofing. It is important to note, however, that aluminum fascia and rake molding must also be installed along the eaves and cover the edge of your roof’s deck in order to stop water from damaging your roof. Bottom line: your roof needs to either have a drip edge, pre-bent aluminum fascia, or rake molding—and if it doesn’t, you need to install one of these options ASAP.

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