My Roof is Leaking! What Should I Do? Who Should I Call?

Buckets Catching Water from Leaking Roof

Arizona does not have storms often. But when we do, roof leaks rear their ugly heads in the form of stained ceilings and water tracks creeping down your walls.

So what should you do first? Who should you call first? We'll cover all that in simple a step-by-step fashion.

Who to Call if Your Roof Is Leaking

If your roof is leaking, you should call a roofing company before taking any other steps. That way, a professional can come and assess the situation as soon as possible. Below we outline additional steps you should take after calling your local roofing contractor. You can reach Lyon's Roofing at (520) 447-2522!

Step 1: Minimize interior damage

Clean up the water and move furniture out of the way of the leaks. If you can't move the furniture, then cover them with plastic sheets. Find some leak-proof bucket to catch any other water falling into your home.

If your carpet is wet, dry it off ASAP to prevent mold growth.

Step 2: Call a Roofing Contractor

Many people ask, "Who should I call first: my insurance company or a roofing contractor?"

We recommend calling an Arizona roofing contractor first. Not because we're a roofing company, but for these three reasons:

1) If the leak is minor and the damage is minimal, it might not meet your home insurance deductible (the amount you have to pay before your insurance starts paying for damage). So there's no point in calling the insurance company.

2) When you call the insurance company, they'll tell you to call a roofing contractor to inspect the roof to get an estimate of the damage. The insurance company needs an estimate from a professional before they can cut you a check.

3) The roofing contractor can determine if the leak is actually a roofing problem or something else.

So now it comes down to which roofing contractor you call.

Your insurance agent can give you some recommendations. But they're just that- recommendations. You can choose the roofer you want.

We suggest you do your own research and get 2-3 estimates from quality roofers. To find quality roofers, use these resources:

Step 3: Inspect the roof for standing/pooling water

As you wait for the contractor to come, check your roof above and below. Check the top for anything causing water to pool in one spot. Make sure valleys, downspouts and gutters are clear, allowing water to move off the roof.

Also, inspect the attic to see how water is entering your living space.

Step 4: Call your insurance agent, if needed

If the damage is serious and exceeds your deductible, call your insurance company with your roofing repair estimate.

Need to have a Phoenix roofer check out your home's roof? Call Lyons Roofing at (520) 447-2522 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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