5 Tips for Avoiding Roofing Scams in Arizona

5 Tips for avoiding roofing scamsHow would you like to pay $10,000 for a new roof that leaks after only a year?

That’s exactly what happened to Mary Hartnett of Phoenix when she paid an impostor posing as roofing contractor to replace her roof.

The con artist stole the license number of a legit contractor who had the same name as him. So even though Mary checked the license number and called the Register of Contractors (ROC) about the so-called contractor, she still got stuck with a poor quality roof replacement.

Follow these five tips so this does not happen to you.

1) Ignore door-to-door roofers offering free roof inspections

After a storm in monsoon season, many “storm chaser” roofers will drive around offering “free roof inspections” to find damage on the roof.

But some of the roofers are scammers. They’ll fabricate damage to mimic storm damage or show a photo of roof damage from a different home and say it’s from your roof.

Professional roofers don’t show up unannounced. The only time a roofer should show up is if you scheduled them to come out.

2) Call the place of business

While Mary was right to check the license of her contractor, she should have gone a step further and called the contractor’s workplace number provided by the ROC.

Always call a contractor’s place of business and ensure that the person you’re hiring actually has a legitimate place of business (and not working out of their home).

Remember: a roof labor warranty is only as good as the business that gives it.

3) Watch out for the hard sell (and get multiple estimates)

Don’t let anyone pressure you into having the work done immediately. Always ask at least two more contractors to come out and make their bids. That way you can compare prices and solutions.

That does not mean you should always take the lowest estimate. If one estimate is ridiculously low, that’s a clue that it might be “too good to be true.”

4) Never pay the entire job upfront—especially in cash

“I need money to buy supplies.” Hogwash! Reputable roofing companies don’t need seed money for supplies.

Instead, set it up so that you’re paying in increments as the work is completed.

This will prevent a roofer from taking your money and running away with it.

5) Are they out of state? Turn them away!

Can’t find a local address? Do their trucks’ license plates say they’re not from here? Tell them, thanks but no thanks.

You need a local company that offers a guarantee on its work. That way you have someone to call if there’s an issue with your roof next time it rains here.

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