How Much Does a New Tile Roof Cost in Arizona?

So, you're looking for a new tile roof? Good choice. Tile roofing is high-quality stuff. Tile Roof

Factors That Determine Roof Installation Cost

The price of a brand spankin' new tile roof in Arizona will depend on the following three factors:

  1. Tile material and quality
  2. Size and complexity of your roof
  3. The roofing company that does the install

Let's explain each of these in detail.

Tile Material & Quality

Most of the time, when we re-roof an existing tile roof, we're doing an R&R (remove and replace). This means we remove your existing tile temporarily, fix the rest of the roof, and replace your same tile. Since tile lasts much longer than the underlayment, this is a cost-effective option for homes with existing tile roofs. An average tile R&R ranges from $300-450 per square.

Just so you know, 1 "square"= 100 square feet. We roofers like to use different terminology to confuse you. (Just kidding…but really…) Of course, you can also choose to completely replace the existing tile with new tile. In fact, that's the only choice with some types of tile because they are so brittle.

In that case, the cost will depend on the type, color and manufacturer of the tile. But they all break down into two main types of tile roofing materials:

  1. Concrete: Generally costs $400 to $900 per square
  2. Clay: Generally costs $700 to $1000 per square

As you can see, clay tile costs more, but it also lasts longer and the color holds longer.

Size & Complexity of Your Roof

No surprise here. The larger the roof, the more tiles and labor hours needed, leading to a larger cost. So if your two-story home has 1,500 sq ft of roofing, then the average cost of a new concrete roof could be around $6,000 to $15,000. For a clay roof, it could be $10,000 to $45,000.

Remember, this isn't the square footage of your home, but the square footage of your roof. Since your roof is pitched, it will be much bigger than the square footage of the floor space of your home.

While this may seem expensive, it is important to remember you're adding value to your home. Concrete tiles can last 40-50 years, and clay roof can live even longer than that.

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Other things that affect the complexity of the install and cost include:

  • How many planes the roof has
  • Number of stories of your home
  • Number of little bay windows with roofs that must be installed from a ladder

The Roofing Company You Choose

Here's where you're going to find the widest variety of difference in cost. Labor cost will be affected by these factors:

  • Whether the company uses subcontractors or not
  • Whether the company's contractors are licensed, bonded and insured or not. (You should never hire an unlicensed contractor!)
  • Labor warranty included or not (All new roofs will come with a material warranty from the manufacturer, but it's up to the roofer to offer a labor warranty on their work.)
  • If the roofers will dispose of the old roof materials or not. Read the contract carefully!
  • The quality of the roofing company's work (Remember, you get what you pay for!)

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Get a Free Tile Roofing Estimate

All this is nice in theory. But if you want some cold, hard numbers for how much your new tile roof will cost, you'll need to get a roofer to give you an estimate.

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