Green Roofing

What Is Green Roofing?

Every year, there are roof trends that come and go. But given the effects of climate change and the benefits it has for the planet, one roofing trend that appears here to stay is green roofing. But what is green roofing, exactly? The answer is slightly more complicated than you probably think.

When most people talk about green roofing, they are referring to a layer of vegetation that is planted over a waterproofing system on top of your roof. This system is most typically installed on top of flat roofs, though in some cases, one can be installed on a slightly pitched roof, too. Sometimes called “vegetative” or “eco-roofs,” green roofs fall into three main categories: extensive, intensive, and semi-intensive. Extensive green roofing has shallow, medium-level vegetation (typically less than six inches,) with less plant diversity, fewer watering needs, and less accessibility.

Intensive green roofs, meanwhile, tend to have more soil, with vegetation that is planted as deep as several feet. They also support more diverse plant life, sometimes including small trees. Because they require more watering and maintenance, they are more accessible as well.

Finally, semi-intensive green roofing features a combination of extensive and intensive green roof styles, so they may be more or less accessible, feature deep and shallow vegetation, and require different levels of maintenance depending on rainfall.

However, while green roofs require specific kinds of materials to support plant life, many roofers are now incorporating other options for homeowners to make their roofs more eco-friendly—even if they do not have active vegetation on top of their home. For instance, solar power has created a whole new kind of green roofing, which presents benefits to the earth and to the average homeowner.

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