Should I Replace My Roof Before Installing Solar Panels?

Should I Replace My Roof Before Installing Solar Panels?

Things to Consider If You're Having Solar Panels Installed

Residential solar energy systems are becoming increasingly popular. Arizona, in particular, is an ideal place for solar systems because of the plentiful sun we see year-round. Homeowners have the opportunity to save money on their electrical bills and do something good for the environment.

Most solar panel systems are rooftop systems. While you can get ground-mounted solar systems, most homeowners either don't have or don't want to give up the yard space necessary. However, what does a solar system mean for your roof? Below we review a few things you should consider before scheduling your solar panel installation.

How Old Is Your Roof?

Before installing solar panels on your roof, you should have the roof inspected and determine where it is in its lifespan. The average asphalt roof will last for around 20 to 25 years. If your roof is 15 years or older, you will likely need a roof replacement sooner rather than later. In these cases, we recommend that you consider replacing your roof before installing your solar panel system. In fact, it is often recommended that you not install solar panels on roofs that are more than five years old.

The average solar panel system will last for around 25 to 30 years. If you replace your roof prior to installing your solar panels, you will ideally not have to replace your roof again until you're already replacing your solar panels.

However, before moving forward with replacing your roof or installing solar panels, you should always schedule a roof inspection with a reputable roofing contractor, like Lyons Roofing. We will inspect your entire roof, identify any problems, give you a sense of how much life is left in your roof, and help you plan for your solar panel installation.

Is There Any Existing Damage to Your Roof?

Before installing your solar panels, you need to repair any existing problems with your roof. You want to avoid installing solar panels on a roof in disrepair. Solar panels are a significant investment, and installing them on a damaged roof further compromises your roof and threatens to compromise the integrity of your solar system.

It's also important to note that roof maintenance becomes even more important once a solar panel system is installed on your roof. While solar panels can, in some ways, protect your roof from the elements, they can make keeping your roof free from debris a little more challenging. Additionally, if your roof is not in good shape, other problems may become exacerbated, such as moisture issues and leaks. If you are not already on an annual roof maintenance schedule, you should start now.

Will a Solar Panel System Damage My Roof?

There are generally two primary rooftop installation methods for solar panels: ballast mounted or a clamping system. Neither of these methods should damage your roof. Additionally, neither should involve excessive holes in your roof or shingle damage. A minority of roof panel systems are installed using a bolting system. Even this system should not damage your roof, provided a professional solar panel installation expert installs it.

Will a Solar Panel System Void My Roof's Warranty?

No, installing solar panels should not void your roof warranty. However, because roofing can be incredibly expensive, and the last thing you want to do is risk a voided warranty, it is crucial that you work with a professional roofing contractor to prepare for your solar panel installation. You should also review your roof warranty before installing your solar panels. If you have a hard time understanding the warranty, reach out to Lyons Roofing; we can help.

Have more questions about how solar panels will affect your roofing? Contact Lyons Roofing online for help. When you have roofing questions, we've got answers!