Debunking Myths About Skylights

Debunking Myths About Skylights

What Have You Heard About Skylights?

Skylights are incredibly popular as they increase a home’s natural light, give you a beautiful view of the sky, and still maintain your privacy from your neighbors. However, there are a lot of myths about skylights floating around. If you are considering installing skylights in your home, some of these myths and misconceptions may give you pause, but you needn’t worry.

Armed with some extra information, you can make your decision to install skylights in your home with confidence. At Lyons Roofing, we are your go-to skylight experts. Below, we take you through some of the more pervasive skylight myths, explain where there come from, and give you the real facts. Keep reading.

Myth #1: All Skylights Leak

“All skylights leak” is a common refrain we hear often. However, it’s simply not true. While installing skylights does involve cutting a window in your roof, if properly installed and well-maintained, your skylight should not leak. When a skylight is installed, flashing is installed around the skylight specifically to prevent leaks. Additionally, the insulation and seals around the skylight will further help to prevent leaks.

Skylights leak because:

  • They were improperly installed
  • The flashing and seals around them are inadequate, made of substandard materials, or are in disrepair
  • The skylights are very old and need replacing due to normal wear and tear

Like all things, skylights will not last forever. Over time, materials will degrade and require replacement. This is why it is important that when installing or replacing your skylights, you work with an experienced, licensed professional (like Lyons Roofing) and that you utilize the best possible materials.

Myth #2: Skylights Will Damage Your Roof

Much like the previous myth about leaks, many people erroneously assume that skylights inherently compromise your roof’s integrity. This is likely because of the simple fact that a hole must be made in the roof to create the skylight. Just as with potential leaks, skylights do create more opportunities for problems with your roof (skylights introduce new edges, and edges are generally the weakest points on a roof). But as long as they are installed by professionals and maintained, you should never experience a problem with your skylights, and your roof will be none the worse for wear.

Myth #3: Skylights Will Increase Your Heating & Cooling Bills

In Arizona, skylights are very unlikely to increase your heating bills. Instead, they are more likely to lead to a reduction in your heating bill as they allow you to harness the energy of the sun to warm your home in the winter. To achieve this, the skylights will need to be installed in the correct orientation to maximize the winter sun best.

This myth has some truth: skylights have the potential to increase your cooling bills in the summer. However, with thoughtful placement and appropriate coatings and/or by installing retractable shades, you can control the amount of sunlight let into your home. If you are concerned about this, speak with our skylight installation specialists for guidance.

Myth #4: Skylights Are Not Worth the Investment

Skylights are indeed a significant investment in your home, and many people worry that they are not worth it. However, whether or not skylights are worth the expense is a personal matter that will differ for each person. That being said, skylights do have the potential to increase the overall value of your home, and if you are considering selling your property in the near future, beautifully installed skylights may make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Have more questions about skylights? Reach out to the experts at Lyons Roofing for answers.