New Year, New Job: Explore a Lucrative Career in Roofing

Unmatched Job Security During Uncertain Times

Despite uncertain economic times, roofing contractors have remained incredibly busy. This is because roofers provide an essential service to both homeowners and commercial customers. When it comes to protecting your home and property, your roof is your number one line of defense. No matter what is going on with the economy, people still need secure roofing. In short, when your roof needs something, it can’t wait.

Consequently, a career in roofing provides a level of job security not seen in most industries. If you want a job that offers financial stability and peace of mind, consider working in roofing.

Some of the benefits of working in the roofing industry include the following:

  • Competitive, reliable salaries
  • Job security, even when the economy slows
  • Room for career growth and personal development
  • The opportunity to work in different environments

Getting Started with a Roofing Career

If you are looking for a strong career with lots of growth potential, the roofing industry is a great place to start. But how do you become a licensed roofer in Arizona? In addition to your high school diploma or GED, you will also need four years of experience (either hands-on or managerial) and to pass your SRE (Statutes and Rules) and T (Trade) exams. Though not required, you may wish to attend a trade school to learn a variety of related skills, including construction management. Whether you attend trade school will ultimately depend on your long-term goals.

Review our blog post for more information on becoming a roofer in Arizona.

How to Get Experience in Roofing?

As mentioned above, you will need four years of experience to become a licensed roofer in Arizona. But how do you get that experience? The best way is to get a job working for an established roofing company, like Lyons Roofing, that offers on-the-job training and/or apprenticeships. We recommend looking for a company that is well-established in your area, has positive reviews and references, and which provides both commercial and residential services. This will enable you to get a wide range of experience from a reliable, trustworthy company that is invested in both the local community and its employees.

What to look for when applying for entry-level roofing jobs:

  • A company with an established history in the community
  • A wide range of service offerings, including residential and commercial
  • Training and professional development opportunities for employees
  • A company with positive customer reviews from multiple sources
  • A company that offers employees health insurance and other important benefits

Work with the Best; Work for Lyons Roofing

Lyons Roofing has worked hard to gain a reputation not only for stellar customer service but also for being an amazing company to work for. When you join the Lyons Roofing family, you gain the support of everyone on the team. With a strong commitment to creating a positive working environment, we only hire the best people who are just as passionate about their careers as you are. As a company, we are a BBB Ethics Award Winner, and we offer our employees a lucrative bonus structure, higher salaries, and better benefits. When you’re ready to take control of your future and start your career in roofing, give us a call.

Jumpstart your career today; apply to work at Lyons Roofing. Visit our website to learn more about open career opportunities.