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What Does it Mean to Be a Manufacturer “Certified” Contractor?

When your roof needs a minor maintenance, major repair, or even a full replacement, you’ll have to select a roofing contractor to provide the service. Not all contractors are equal: some are more experienced than others, some are larger than others, and others have obtained greater amounts of recognition for their past work. You may have heard roofing contractors advertise that they are “manufacturer certified,” but what does that really mean? We’ll explore what it means to be a certified contractor on this blog.

Obtaining Certification

First off, a manufacturer certification isn’t a marketing gimmick or agreement to use exclusively one manufacturer or brand: it’s a stamp of quality. Contractors who have obtained certification from a manufacturer have often gone through months or even years of training, numerous installs and repairs, and upheld a consistent record of quality workmanship and proper implementation of that manufacturer’s roofing materials.

When a manufacturer awards certification to a contractor, the manufacturer is essentially indicating that that contractor is skilled, experienced, and a trustworthy roofer who will provide you with the best possible experience. These roofers know how to properly install and care for their products, have a consistent record of doing so properly, and continually and regularly undergo professional training to make sure they stay at the top of their game.

Contractors sometimes are certified by just a single manufacturer, while others, such as our team here at Lyons Roofing, have obtained certification from multiple material manufacturers.

Benefits to You As a Customer

What does this certification mean for you as a customer? A lot. Manufacturer certified contractors can provide their customers with a whole range of benefits, including some that non-certified contractors can’t give you.

For starters, there’s the peace of mind. When a manufacturer puts their name behind a contractor, they’re putting their reputation as a brand behind them as well. Certification is the manufacturer saying that this particular contractor is going to provide you with quality workmanship and an outstanding experience. Manufacturers wouldn’t dare put that kind of trust in just any roofing contractor.

Then there’s the added benefits manufacturers offer customers who choose a certified contractor. Many brands, such as GAF® or CertainTeed, will offer extended roofing warranties on new roof installations that are done by a manufacturer-certified contractor. This gives extra years of peace of mind that comes with knowing your roof is protected and that any flaws will be taken care of quickly and at no cost to you.

Here are some of the certifications we have obtained here at Lyons Roofing:

  • CertainTeed “Shingle Master” certified
  • GAF® certified
  • Tile Roofing Institute certified
  • LaPolla Foam and Coating certified
  • ProTech Foam and Coating certified
  • KM Coating certified
  • Polyglass certified
  • OSHA 10 certified

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