Lyons Roofing

COVID-19 Update From Lyons Roofing

To all of our customers and community members,

As you know, Governor Ducey has issued Arizona’s version of a “Shelter in Place” order. Even after revisions, roofing remains an essential task. In fact, all construction related to the safety and efficacy of residential and commercial structures is considered essential work. To keep our employees, customers, and community members safe, here are some of the precautions we are taking at Lyons Roofing.

Infection Control Measures

In addition to working from home, social distancing, and general infection control measures, Lyons Roofing is also requiring the following additional measures to help flatten the curve:

  • We are requiring all employees to wear a face mask or barrier.
  • We are taking the temperature of all employees before work. If higher than 99 degrees, the employee is sent home and paid.
  • We are subsidizing fuel costs to encourage single drivers and have put higher infection control standards when more than one employee is in a vehicle to include gloves, masks, and daily disinfection of interior cabs.

Limiting Contact at Appointments

Having a roof installed requires little face to face interaction- however- Lyons Roofing strives to set the standard- we will take the measures we can to protect our employees and our customers. It is the Lyons way.

Our team is still keeping all their appointments. We are taking every precaution to assure the safety of our employees and our community. We have the technology to assist you in this process while still minimizing or eliminating face to face contact. Your estimator will call you prior to your appointment to walk through what the process will look like.

Roofing Installations

Fortunately, our work takes place outside the home. There is little reason to interact with our crews. That said, we are compelling social distancing, requiring good infection control measures, all to keep our field workers healthy and productive. Our crews are also maxed out a 5 per project allowing ample space for social distancing.

Our project managers are your contact with the company, and all have the technological tools to communicate with you and share any visuals, videos or information you may require without putting you (our customers) at risk.

Staying Updated

This is an unprecedented time in many, if not, all of our lives. Therefore, we are determined to protect the physical and fiscal wellbeing of our community. Lyons Roofing will adjust to operate within the constraints provided by the CDC and WHO as updates continue. We feel at this time it is our civic responsibility to stay healthy and productive during this crisis. If we can work, we should and we should for the greater good of all.

A Thank You to Our Employees and Customers

Our employees have rallied in ways you cannot imagine. Every single employee has shared the burden of understanding that we must alter our way of doing things for the greater good of our employees and our customers. Every day, new ideas on how we can continue to improve come from the ranks. We are so proud. Most importantly, we are grateful for you, our customers, for continuing to entrust your home to our care — and we don’t take that lightly.

We hope that you stay healthy and safe. For more information or to discuss your appointment, please contact us: (520) 447-2522