Can I Walk on My Cedar Shake Roof? An AZ Roofer Answers

If you have a cedar shake roof and have ever considered repairing it, you have probably wondered what many have asked before you.

Is it safe to walk on this thing?

You’re not alone.

Cedar shake is a very popular roofing material often utilized in many parts of Arizona, but despite its popularity, there is always a chance that you may have to repair it, and you want to do that safely.

So let’s talk about cedar shake roofs and answer the question that homeowners have been asking for ages.

So can you walk on a cedar shake roof?

The short answer: yes.

But you must be very careful. And it is certainly not advised.

If your shakes were installed correctly and are still in decent shape, they should not have a major issue supporting the weight of an average human.

Still, even if they do support your weight, cedar shakes are also notoriously slippery and difficult to navigate, especially after a recent storm or if they are covered in moss or other growths.

Knowing all this, you have a decision to make. Make the repairs yourself or call a professional Phoenix roofer. If you decide to the former, here are a few tricks that could make the job easier.

Techniques to use if you decide to complete the repairs yourself

There are a few devices and strategies you can use if you choose to walk on your roof. But before you head up, inspect the roof from the ground and keep an eye out for any badly deteriorated shingles.

Locating these damaged shingles is paramount because stepping on them will cause them to break out from underneath you.

When you are ready to go up, consider one of these methods.

Attach a ridge hook for your ladder

One relatively safe way to repair minor issues on your roof without necessarily stepping all over it is to equip your ladder with a ridge hook.

These devices hook over the ridge of your roof, allowing your ladder to lay flat on the roof, giving you a platform to work from without penetrating the roof.

Stay put with roof brackets

Roof brackets are another tool that you could use if you decide to step aboard your roof.

Before starting your roof maintenance, you would set up these brackets along the eave of the roof. Not only do these brackets allow you to place materials safely on the roof but they also keep you safe, providing footholds that will prevent you from slipping.

Consider leaving it to the professionals

In the end, even if you deem your cedar shingle roof safe enough to walk on, stay safe and call a pro.

Here at Lyons Roofing, we can take on any minor or major repair because we have the knowledge and proper equipment to do it safely and without causing any additional damage. Plus, there is a good chance that we will end up saving you money in the long run.

So don’t delay, contact us today and let us fix your cedar shake roof this season.