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Ananda Holman

Assistant Production Manager
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Career: I grew up in roofing. My family owned a roofing company and I grew up spending summers in the office and on the roof. I worked there in a variety of capacities; service department coordinator, scheduler, roof sales, filing, sweeping, you name it. The worst job I ever had was as a telemarketer- I hated interrupting people’s lives selling things they don’t need or want. What I have learned from my family business and life is that in business the customer is key. I always strive to provide the best customer experience. Oh, and quite simply- Be nice!

Personal: My number one personal favorite thing in life is my three boys. Yes, it is my three sons. I LOVE to get my hands dirty. Give me some soil and a pot and I am happy. (I am trying really hard to inspire an urban farm right here at Lyons Roofing). I love farmers markets, camping, antiques, upcycling, and quality time with my lifelong girlfriends. Dislikes: I dislike traffic, smog and politics both in the office and in the world.