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Rhonda LaNue

Executive Vice President
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Career: Varied and diverse. I waited tables well into my 20's and loved it. I began my career with Sprint when they were still owned by Southern Pacific Railroad and had about 700 employees total! I spent the next 13 years in the telecommunications industry in sales. I went back to school and pursued my degree in Organizational Communications with a minor in Spanish from ASU West graduating in 2000. FUN FACT: Did you know you can have a minor in a language and still can’t understand when people talk to you!!!! Then I thought I found my calling with 5 years in software training and loved it until buying a roofing company!

Personal Background: I was born and raised in NY and don't think I talk funny! I have 2 sisters back east. I moved to AZ in 1978, met the love of my life in '88, and forfeited half my brain cells to my son in '94. (At least I knew where they went!) He now lives in Denver as a successful Internal Audit Manager or something like that! Our oldest son is ironically living in Michigan and has a very successful position selling roofs for a company up there! Top salesperson already, apples and trees as we say. Our daughter, Shelbi runs an incredible resort in Marathon, Fl. Yes, fly into Key West and join the locals in ‘chilling’! Life is good.

Likes/Dislikes: I love animals, especially my doggies and Nala our kitty, quiet time at home, my garden, meditation, and my friends. I’ve always considered myself a homebody, and that has proven to be true year after year. I am passionate about life and education, common sense, morals, and values. I dislike lack of responsibility, anchovies, octopus, bad drivers, and litterbugs!