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Yonny Rushinek

Marketing Manager
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Personal: I was born in Israel as the youngest of seven siblings. I moved to the United States at the age of six and moved amongst various states until moving to Los Angeles, California, where I spent my adolescent years. I now attend Arizona State University, where I major in business marketing. I am also the creator of a sports-themed Instagram account named IGReferees, which has grown a large, committed fan base across multiple platforms.

Career: From a young age, I grew a strong liking for business. I began my marketing career at the age of seventeen, where I worked as a marketing specialist for a large air conditioning company. After a year, I went on to work a similar role with a flooring business. Upon moving to Arizona, I found Lyons Roofing, where I now proudly work as the company’s marketing manager.

Likes: Sports are a huge part of my life. I played football in high school, and still enjoy playing football and basketball recreationally. I am the world’s biggest New Orleans Saints and Miami Heat fan. In addition, I love music, particularly rap. Lastly, I am a business enthusiast.

Dislikes: Excuses and onions